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Concrete Zinc Anodes / Galvashield Anodes / Embedded Zinc Anodes

SK INDUSTRIES is the original embedded galvanic anode for concrete repairs. SKI range has been protecting structures around the world. The anode units are alkali-activated with an internal pH of 14 or greater to keep the zinc active over the life of the anode and are non-corrosive to reinforcing steel. Once installed, the zinc anode corrodes preferentially to the adjacent reinforcing steel to provide galvanic corrosion prevention or corrosion control. SKI Anodes are classified as Type 1 Anodes – embedded in concrete repairs. SKI anodes improve the durability of concrete repairs by providing targeted protection where it is needed the most, at the interface between new and old concrete.


  • Patch repairs Bridge widening Joints between new/existing concrete Slab replacement Expansion joint repair Pre-stressed concrete Post-tensioning anchors Repair of epoxy-coated rebar Type 1 Anodes for Concrete Repair Type A
  • Alkali Activated Type H
  • Halide Salt Activated Class P
  • Corrosion Prevention SKI(60g)
  • SKI (60g) SKI VP Range Class C
  • Corrosion Control SKI (100g)
  • Chemical Compositions:
  • Aluminium : 0.005 % max
  • Cadmium :0.003 %
  • Lead: 0.003 % max
  • Iron: 0.0014 % max
  • Copper 0.002 % max
  • Others :
  • Zinc : Remainder